About Us

Arjwin Abacus is one of the leading abacus book sellers and trainers. Established, Organised and Maintained by professionals having more than 15 year experience in Abacus Education. We have designed of own syllabus which suits for both curriculum and non-curriculum way of teaching, which puts the student in a comfort zone. On line training given by qualified professionals. We also supply all related products for abacus education.

Accelerated Training for Tommorow’s Leaders,Abacus Program Designed for Children 4 – 12 Years Old.Abacus Program Enhances – Imagining Skills , Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Concentration, Speed, Accuracy and All Round Academic Excellence.Activate your child right brain through Abacus Education. Abacus learning children are trained to use their Right Brain actively, to develop effective image memory. Abacus Education is a powerful Brain Development Program.